Low Code platforms

Metada’s advanced professional platform is the ideal tool for preparing comprehensive web solutions from A to Z. The platform helps you build perfect applications to exactly meet your requirements for the entire process, from front-end to process optimization and all the way to back-end, data storage and security. Considering the nature and complexity of the task, this is a great solution for business professionals who need to react flexibly to changes and debug applications without needing advanced programming knowledge.

Be prepared for changes in the digital world. Using high-performance low-code applications, you can create user-friendly web pages, professional-looking portals and well-designed mobile/web applications — all with a high degree of data security. Perfect UX and efficiency is supported by flawless processes, ones that will be a snap for you to put together with a low-code solution.

Low-code — High Standard

Why complicate things when they can be done simply and effectively? Using Simplicité’s low-code solutions, you’ll be able to create advanced applications with all the modern features, but in a fraction of the time it takes for typical development  – and that’s a win-win. What sets Simplicité apart is an intuitive drag & drop interface that lets even users without technical knowledge develop fully functional applications. Simplicité’s main advantage is that its intuitiveness enables end users to get involved in development, and they can focus more on process logic and workflows, so that the resulting application will be perfectly debugged by the end of development — which means shorter UAT testing times.

You’ll be able to create up to 90% of enterprise applications with Simplicité. This saves a huge amount of capacity which is better utilized on the remaining 10% of special applications that need specific development.


Custom business applicatons in a few clicks – that is Tabidoo

Simple and user-friendly low-code platform. Design your business applications the way you need them. Quickly, intuitively and without compromises.

Don’t waste time developing a database application from scratch. Instead, use Tabidoo to create a solution in a fraction of the time, just the way you need it.

Testing tools:

Automation testing tool

Katalon is a modern, comprehensive quality management platform that helps teams of any size deliver the highest quality digital experiences.

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